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Title: cpshop 1.4 bug fixes
Post by: Marty on 08/07/02 at 23:31:54
Bug: Missing Default Thumbnail Sorting Option -- "product name (reversed)"

Fix: On line 991 of cplogin.lib add "productnamerev" between "productname" and "productcostup", so it looks like this:

[textarea rows=2 cols=60 wrap=off]@SortOptions = qw(default productname productnamerev productcostup productcostdown storeid old2new new2old);[/textarea]

This is a very minor bug, and will be repaired in the next version.

Title: Bug: Product and Thumbnail page templates
Post by: Marty on 08/12/02 at 22:59:35
Bug: Product Page and Thumbnail Page Template Options are ignored.

Fix: Replace lines 36-41 of cpdata.lib as follows:

Before:[textarea rows=7 cols=80 wrap=off]if (($target eq "productdetail") && $SECTION{'HTMLproducttemplate'}) {
if (-e $SECTION{'HTMLproducttemplate'}) {
$template_to_use = $SECTION{'HTMLproducttemplate'};
} elsif (($target ne "productdetail") && $storeid && $SECTION{'HTMLstoretemplate'}) {
if (-e $SECTION{'HTMLstoretemplate'}) {

[textarea rows=8 cols=80 wrap=off]if (($target eq "prod") && $SECTION{'HTMLproducttemplate'}) {
if (-e $SECTION{'HTMLproducttemplate'}
|| -e "${script_dir}$SECTION{'HTMLproducttemplate'}") {
$template_to_use = $SECTION{'HTMLproducttemplate'};
} elsif (($target ne "prod") && $storeid && $SECTION{'HTMLstoretemplate'}) {
if (-e $SECTION{'HTMLstoretemplate'}
|| -e "${script_dir}$SECTION{'HTMLstoretemplate'}") {

This is a fairly serious bug. An update will be issued soon to fix this problem. message board (

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