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Title: Latest CafePress Announcement - 4-28-2004
Post by: SmokinL on 04/29/04 at 07:53:20

Short, but important question for you: How will this announcement affect us as cpshop users?

Dear Shopkeeper,

When we started over four years ago, our members could design
and sell only four items: a white t-shirt, a large and small mug, and a mousepad.
Look how far we've come! Members can now design and sell over 50 items and
self-publish their own books, music and software. The community
is now comprised of over 1 million members who have created over 6 million

On May 4th, we will be taking the next step in growing by
releasing a number of new retail features. The improved site
will give buyers greater access to discovering all the cool products created
by you and other members. Our new product browse feature will
give buyers the abilty to find and buy products by product type (t-shirt,
sticker, poster, book, etc), price range and topical category. In addition,
a new search system will allow buyers to more easily search the product
catalog by keyword. We believe the new site will dramatically enhance the
buying experience on and increase sales of your products.

As part of the new retail site, a number of enhancements will be made for
sellers over the next few weeks.

** We will be adding new topics to the category structure currently used in
the directory system for use on the retail site. This will allow you to
better categorize your products.

** Premium shop members will be given the ability to individually categorize
the sections within their shops. This will allow members with a large
number of products to be able to better categorize their selection for the
retail site.

** New tools will be introduced that will allow members to easily update
their product descriptions for the search system.

** New message boards to help you better connect with the
staff and other members.

To make the transition to the new site as painless as possible, members will
be unable to submit new shops to the directory or recategorize existing
shops from April 29th until approximately May 25. This will allow us to
fully migrate our existing product catalog to the new system. Once the
transition is complete, we will launch the new seller tools and publish a
guide that will help you optimize your shops for the new site.

We're excited about the new retail site and look forward to helping you make
the most of your talents on

Happy Selling!

Maheesh Jain


Title: Re: Latest CafePress Announcement - 4-28-2004
Post by: Marty on 04/29/04 at 12:37:59
It won't affect anybody negatively.  It will mean that I'll have additional systems to integrate with when I want to increase cpshop functionality.  But it won't break anything.

As far as all storeowners go, it'll mean that everyone's sales potential will increase, because customers will be able to actually search for products.  And let me tell you, I've been the one developing the new search engine/browsing system, and it rocks.  I mean, it really rocks.  Really, really, really rocks.  A lot.

The best thing is that when the affiliate program is deployed -- and that's my next project -- the potential earnings for people will explode.  And affiliates will be able to use the search engine to look for products to market to their users.

To make a long story short, it won't hurt cpshop people at all.  But everyone's going to benefit from this -- there's no downside.

Title: Re: Latest CafePress Announcement - 4-28-2004
Post by: SmokinL on 04/29/04 at 14:33:03
This sounds really great!  Looking forward to the new functionality of CafePress ... to increase sales!

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