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Title: cpshop 1.5 released
Post by: Marty on 04/21/05 at 02:46:06
cpshop 1.5 has been released, with the following features:

     - Updated to support CafePress redesign
     - added cpfilter_columns to force number of columns
     - added cpfilter_rowsperpage to force number of rows per page
     - added support for price ranges with multiple cpfilter_cost
       filters (e.g. cpfilter_cost:10.00~,cpfilter_cost:~20.00)
     - added 4 more Wildcard ID fields
     - added error page URL (for CafePress server issues)
     - added overriding style sheet field
     - replaced most embedded styles with classes
     - sections are now always sorted first, regardless of filters

Let me know if there are any problems.

Title: Re: cpshop 1.5 released
Post by: Tony on 04/21/05 at 16:09:06
Marty, we really need to get you to setup a mailing list :)  The price ranges are BIG new for me!!  Instead of having like 25 pages of everything under $20 and then $30, I can now break it up!  this is GREAT, thank you!

I posted on GreatGear b/c I think even the wildcards are big big news for us.  Welcome back to town!

Title: Re: cpshop 1.5 released
Post by: Marty on 04/21/05 at 17:04:10
My last computer had some less-than-fabulous mailing list capability, but that was lost when my hard drive fried.  

So last night I actually just started setting up some new mailing list software, and I plan to send out a mailing announcing the new version once the bugs are ironed out. message board (

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