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Title: PHP/CMS integration
Post by: TJMUBB on 02/10/13 at 04:43:28
I can officially vouch for the fact that cpshop works well, and integrates well with PHP based CMS systems. I was able to set up cpshop from scratch and fully integrate it with a php-nuke site in about a half an hour.

Kudos to Marty for a job well done. Members welcome to send a message if you are in need of any help along these lines.

Here's the quick and dirty. At some point I'll do a nice template and make it look pretty.

Title: Re: PHP/CMS integration
Post by: Mitzi Barden on 08/23/13 at 05:46:59
I have used phpNUke and it help you to customize you website in a better way by building structured CMS. But I personally prefer Joomal instead of phpNUKE.. message board (

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