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Title: Hung Up on Hooks
Post by: carolinaswagger on 04/12/13 at 01:33:55
SSI Includes, easy, Hooks....TBA

Followed the guide at:

1- Created a TXT file called: cpshop.cgi.pno.16826273.banner.txt

2-Created a folder called: cphooks

3- In the TXT file I put:

<table border="0">
   <td bgcolor="#FF0000"><strong>Hook Test Appear Here </strong><br />
   <img src="" width="502" height="79" /></td>

4- In the CP Template, at the very top of the page hook code insert as:  

5- On the Admin page, 'Process Hooks in Template and Code' is selected.

: Result:

Could the DIVs be messing things up? The file name seems to be correct...

Title: Re: Hung Up on Hooks
Post by: oph3lia on 04/12/13 at 22:00:57

Did you literally name it that? If so, you need to change the example number to one of your own products.

Also, you might be missing it because that hook is formatted for an individual product page (pno = product number) so it will only show up on that one page, if you were looking anyplace else it won't show. message board (

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