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Title: Pull SK store from Marketplace?
Post by: T-Shirt-Painter on 05/24/13 at 14:55:23
Hi guys, I've had CPShops a long time, and they are working fine still.  I did not do the latest updates.  I have version 2.7.

Is there a way to pull in my SK sections in the Cafepress marketplace, so I will have the sales?  I know I would have to update the cache often.  I get tons more sales promoting the sales than just my shop.

I only know how to build CPShops with store ID's.

I know it's not supported anymore, but as long as they are working, I'll leave them up.


Title: Re: Pull SK store from Marketplace?
Post by: oph3lia on 05/24/13 at 19:05:02
Short answer, no.

I'm pretty sure with some tinkering the script could be changed to bring in the "marketplace version" of products instead of the "shop version" but that's beyond my skillset... maybe someone else can figure it out though?

If anyone did suss it out I'd be interested in it too... trading off my normal shop markup for the 10% MP commission might be worth it if it meant I could use the MP coupons and promos.

But I'm also not sure how that would work with the Affiliate Program... CP's newer "in house" affiliate program says you will earn affiliate commish plus your normal 10% if you refer a sale to the MP for your own products.  So... 1) Since CPshop is set up to use Commission Junction, you'd have to tinker with it to get it to use the in-house program  2) I think to be safe you'd have to check into it and make sure using CPshop with the MP doesn't accidentally break any of their program rules.

Title: Re: Pull SK store from Marketplace?
Post by: T-Shirt-Painter on 05/24/13 at 20:27:30
It would be nice, yeah.

I don't have a CJ account anymore, so I could just leave all the AFF stuff blank.  I just want to promote my own products this way.

I don't want it to be so big it breaks anything either.

Thanks for answering. Maybe someone can tinker with it, or tell us what to put in the Shop ID. message board (

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