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Title: sortorder - can I make divs to hide/show categorie
Post by: oph3lia on 06/12/13 at 11:14:55
I know with the sortorder.txt you can put divs *in between* groups of products to make category headers. (I have that now).

What I am trying to do is wrap a div *around* a group, so that I can make a tabbed menu to show/hide the product groups with css. (Sort of a faux pagination, because I hate how long the section page is).

I haven't even got as far as the menu though, I can't seem to get a group of items inside a div at all.

I was doing what I thought was obvious, opening a <div> tag in a line before the items, and </div> after but no go. (Strangely, table tr td tags seem to wrap a cell around item groups ok, but I don't think I can use that for what I want).

So anyway, I was wondering if anyone had successfully done this with divs? My ability with css is middling so maybe I am missing something?


Title: Re: sortorder - can I make divs to hide/show categ
Post by: flippinsweetgear on 06/17/13 at 13:54:03
I tried this myself a few years ago with no success.  That was before I put the product thumbnails in divs.  I have to give it another try.  Maybe the table cells were the problem.  I'd really really like to get 'infinite scroll' to work for those pages like pinterest.  Can't figure that one either  ??? message board (

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