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Title: Anyone?
Post by: keef1027 on 06/03/09 at 08:59:12
Got a site thru BlueHost - Still deciding on CPshop- but haven't had 1 reply to my post in a week. Really would appreciate some feedback. Thanks!

I have a CP store because I don't know anything about website development.  If I were to have the amazing Marty set up my store on my own site - would it be too difficult for me to maintain it, as I update my shop fairly often?  I am not mentally challenged- but would you recommend this route for a novice?

Title: Re: Anyone?
Post by: Jorge on 07/07/09 at 22:42:09
We were all complete novices once. Learning website and cpshop and html is like learning a new language. In the end it is worth it but you have to be persistent. Luckily, the initial investment is affordable. Sure, pay Marty to set it up, then experiment, learn the thing. What have you got to lose? message board (

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