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Title: Google Feed
Post by: BurnTees on 10/09/09 at 06:39:41
Has anyone had any luck trying to upload a feed using the CPShop url's as opposed to the urls'?  

I know there were posts in various forums about how to try and upload another feed using your CPshop info instead of CafePress.  I wanted to look to do a find/replace all type thing on the url's, however, since in my cpshop i have the links "SEO-ified" it's not that simple.  Has anyone had any luck trying to do something similar?

Title: Re: Google Feed
Post by: flippinsweetgear on 10/11/09 at 00:58:55
I was (I think) one of the first to have my feed with cpshop urls removed.  Google stopped accepting my feeds months ago before anyone had any problems.  I don't know how they figured out I was partnered with cafepress but I assumed it was because of the image links to cp.  You could try uploading all of your product images or select few so that there are no urls to cafepress in the feed.   I tried this, but I think my domain is banned from google base for good now.  :(
They still consider it duplicate content unfortunately.  Even though I tried to explain to them I would have my feed pulled from cp's feed since they take all my dang money!!!  ugh message board (

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