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Title: SOPA/PIPA black out
Post by: Sally on 01/18/12 at 02:52:41
Naturally I have my bright ideas late at night.

Does anyone know where I can edit my "down for maintenance" page? I'd like to make that my SOPA/PIPA Blackout page with some info about the protest.


Title: Re: SOPA/PIPA black out
Post by: Marty on 01/18/12 at 04:23:40
You can edit the maintenance message by editing cp_us_custom.lang, and adding a new entry called "Maintenance Message":

Maintenance Message
This is where the text/HTML of your message
goes.  It can span multiple lines, if necessary.

Conversely, just for this particular event, you can also replace your template with a version that's just static HTML, and use it to explain what's going on.  That's not appropriate for actual maintenance, but for something like a SOPA/PIPA blackout, it'd work just fine.

Title: Re: SOPA/PIPA black out
Post by: Sally on 01/18/12 at 18:23:20
Thanks, Marty. I will keep this info for next time. This time, I took an unused domain name, made a protest page and re-directed all my urls to that for the day.

Apparently, Senators are bailing from sponsoring these bills. Sad that only threats and intimidation work to get Congress to work FOR us. message board (

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