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Title: I'm thinkin 'bout it ;-)
Post by: Designreflections on 06/17/03 at 14:06:47
Hi Marty,

I just upgraded to a premium shop, and I must say I'm a little disappointed in the customization available (I'm no coding genius). Just found out about cpshop..can pretty much any moron use this?? And I use FP for that going to be an issue??
Anyway, stop by my shop and have a gander! This could be great for me if I could get it to work!!

Title: Re: I'm thinkin 'bout it ;-)
Post by: Marty on 06/17/03 at 17:22:43
Hmm...I don't know about any moron, exactly, but it is pretty easy to use.  If you like, you can go through the boards and get a feel for the things people typically have questions about.

And you can certainly make your template(s) in FrontPage, no problem -- the only thing you have to remember is making sure FP doesn't automatically convert your template's cpshop tags (eg. <[content]>) into HTML-ized characters (eg. &lt;[content]&gt;).  The solution is to open your template in NotePad and change the tags back to the way they're supposed to be.

Title: Re: I'm thinkin 'bout it ;-)
Post by: Designreflections on 10/08/03 at 18:48:35
One last question Marty (or whoever). I have a second domain on my server, which I have set up in a  separate 'folder' ...can I run cp shop there? My cgi folders are all in my main domain directory, would that be an issue?


Title: Re: I'm thinkin 'bout it ;-)
Post by: Marty on 10/08/03 at 18:58:49
Sure, no problem.  You can either setup an entirely new installation, or you can set up multiple copies of the script out of the same folder (which is considerably easier).

If you poke around these boards, you'll find instructions on how to do it. message board (

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