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Title: Sounds great, but have questions...
Post by: Dave on 03/18/04 at 11:25:48
Your perl script sounds interesting and useful for many!  Just have a few questions before ordering:

1. Does Cafepress have a policy forbidding use of products like yours, or have they made official comments regarding your product?   It seems that at any moment Cafepress may change their policies and start dropping existing customers who use scripts like yours.

2. Does your script tally any part of Cafepress' shopping cart so we can have an idea if Cafepress is fairly passing our commissions on to us?  

3. If my provider doesn't give me cgi write access, then can I just install your script on another server's cgi folder, and have it output within a frame of my existing site (server)?

4. So you give free updates for a year (after purchase)?  ...And after that, what will it cost to keep current on updates?

5. Does your script affect search engine spidering?  

6. Sorry for all the questions... last, then essentially does two sites exist for each shop  (the direct shop on cafepress server, and then your own shop on your server taking cafpress output and regenerating the pages on your own server)?  So your direct shop on cafepress will also be the site found on the cafepress search engine and shopping catalog(?)

Thank you, and looking forward to using your product!


Title: Re: Sounds great, but have questions...
Post by: Marty on 03/18/04 at 17:37:51

1. I'm a senior developer at CafePress, and they hired me knowing all about (and because of) cpshop.  As a result, there is no issue, and even when remote scripts are limited, cpshop will be protected.  You can read more about it from a previous post here (

2. No.  cpshop is totally ignorant of everything that goes into your cart.  In fact, the entire cart is completely separate from cpshop -- as required by CafePress' (and Visa/MC's) terms of service.  However, I can say that while CafePress has made occasional mistakes when dealing with commissions in the past, we now have an integrity process we go through monthly to insure that all mistakes are caught.  (We even tend to allow mistakes going in the storeowner's favor to stand.  We don't like taking away money.)

3. Yes, though you'd have to make sure the shopping cart existed outside of frames, simply because IE often has issues when dealing with checkout within a frameset.  The alternative is often to have cpshop work with config, cache and logfiles outside the cgi-bin directory; that option tends to work on hosts that block writing to the cgi-bin directory.

4. I've never charged anyone for updates, and cpshop is going on its third year.  But even if I were to someday -- unlikely at most -- the cost would be no more than $10 or so.  For the record, I have no plans to ever charge for updates.

5. It depends on the search engine.  The automatic store mirroring system (when you just enter a premium store ID and nothing else into cpshop) doesn't necessarily get spidered well, but that depends on the spider.  The Clean URL system, used in tandem with individually managed store/section IDs, on the other hand, gets spidered beautifully.

6. Yes.  There's even a piece of javascript code that you can use in a premium shop to automatically redirect users to your cpshop from CafePress, though it's optional.

This would make a decent FAQ. :) Let me know if you have anymore questions.

Title: Re: Sounds great, but have questions...
Post by: Dave on 03/18/04 at 19:56:49
Thank you for your quick, direct answers!

BTW:  I've had a premium shop for about 6 months with plenty of orders processed, and I haven't experienced any issues with Cafepress concerning improper commission crediting, and I did check by having friends order from various states.  Also, I have to give them an A+ for product quality and rapid order fulfillment!

I'm definitely purchasing your script and look forward to all the features.

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