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Title: Great Script!
Post by: Absolute_Cotton on 03/08/07 at 10:40:23
I bought cpshop last night.  I woke an hour early this morning to download and install the script on my godaddy VDS.

It took a half hour to set everything up - including creating a custom template.  I had another half hour to sip coffee and admire my new shop!

Thanks for a great program!


Title: Re: Great Script!
Post by: StudioFloor13 on 06/07/07 at 15:28:48
Hi Carl,

This is the first positive thing I've read about GoDaddy (regarding cpshop). Will you post here again if you have any problems with them? I want to use cpshop really bad, but I'm scared!!!  I've had so many problems (html related) with my premium shop - not CP's fault, but my own...I didn't have a clue what I was doing when I got started. I just don't want to run into a ton of new problems, and I don't know if I want to stick with GoDaddy or find another host.

Anyway, I sure hope your new shop continues to work well...I just took a peak, and it looks marvelous! Really nice. Love the French maid dog tee!  Very funny.

How much is a VDS account? I searched last night but couldn't find anything about VDS, and I don't even know what the heck it is!!!  (It sucks being stupid.)


Title: Re: Great Script!
Post by: ferry megan on 09/22/11 at 05:42:29
what is the criteria for creating VDS account?

Title: Re: Great Script!
Post by: jrotem on 09/27/11 at 02:18:55
Since Carl posted in 2007, I don't think you'll hear back real soon. ;) You might want to check the thread "cpshop-Compatible Hosting" for info that is a bit more up to date. message board (

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