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Title: greetings from the south
Post by: StudioFloor13 on 06/07/07 at 15:51:59
Hi, I'm Vicki, and I'm dying to try CPShop, but I don't know where to begin...with a hosting company, I guess?? I posted in a few other threads, & I'm hoping to hear back soon regarding whether I should stick with GoDaddy.

So, I live in the south (USA), and I'm sweating like a you-know-what in church! Maybe I should turn on the AC so my electric bill will cost as much as what I pay to gas my frigging car.  It's only June, & the mosquitoes are already as big as my 2 obese cats! We will all need a blood transfusion by July.

Well, that was an impressive introduction of myself, don't you think? ;D  I noticed some people posted their age in this forum, but I would rather not....I don't like that topic.

If anyone wants to reply just to say "hello", that would be really cool!  I'm off to search this board now for all the information I can get.

~ Vicki ~

Title: Re: greetings from the south
Post by: lovethetroops on 06/07/07 at 18:22:48
Hi Vicki,

Welcome to the world of CPShop. I really like the color scheme of your shop and I love the fact that you have some of your product images shown on the store home page. So few people do it. I think it is just that extra special mojo that leads a customer in to click.

But also, I just wanted to let you know that your "Gifts under $5" link takes you to an "OOPS" page. You might want to check the link.


Title: Re: greetings from the south
Post by: StudioFloor13 on 06/13/07 at 04:49:29

Thank you for taking the time to tell me about the link not working!  I'm glad to hear someone mention my shop colors. I've changed my colors about a dozen times, but I think I'm going to keep it the way it is. I've been working on my storefront images & logo & trying to get a cleaner look...I still have a lot of work to do!

Thanks again!
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