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Title: How do I post a link to a webpage?
Post by: Marty on 08/15/01 at 17:48:51

Well, it depends on where you're putting the link.

If you're trying to post a link on a regular webpage, then you're likely going to have to use an HTML tag.  

Don't panic! It's not too difficult.  Let's try making a link, and see how easy it can be.  We'll try linking my name:


Now, the HTML tag for linking is the <a> tag.  So we're going to wrap the <a> tag (and it's partner, the ending </a> tag) around my name, to tell the page that it's a link:


The <a> and </a> tags work together; everything between them is linked.  So in this instance, my name will be linked.  

Now we just need to tell the link where the link should go when clicked.  We'll do that by adding href="http: //" to the first <a> tag, giving us this:

<a href="">Marty!</a>

And that's a link!  Stick it on a webpage, and it'll look like this:

Marty! (

To make a different link, the format stays the same -- you just change the web address, and the text you want to link.  Here are a few examples:

<a href="">This is a link to Yahoo.</a>

This is a link to Yahoo. (

<a href="">And this is a link to Google.</a>

And this is a link to Google. (

On the other hand, if you're trying to post a link on a message board (like this one), then there are two ways to do it.

One way is to simply type in the full URL (web address) of the page, starting with the "http".


The other way is if you want to link a specific word or phrase to a specific page, using the "url" code.

text you want to link (

text you want to link (

If you have any questions or problems with this, please feel free to email me at

Title: Re: How do I post a link to a webpage?
Post by: Marty on 06/21/09 at 10:40:46
A question I got in the mail today:

When you are typing these links, in what format are you typing this information?  Are you in the dos mode of your computer?  Are you typing this info as an email and it just appears as a link?  Could those letters and symbols you are typing to create a link be typed on Word?

If you're using a Windows computer, and you're working on an HTML file directly, you'd probably be using Notepad.  It's generally not a very good idea to edit HTML pages in Word.  (Why?  Notepad is for editing plain text files, meaning files that contain no formatting (like colors, italics, bolding, fonts, etc.).  Word supports all types of formatting, which means the files it creates are most decidedly not plain text files.)

You might also use some form of HTML Editing software, but that's a different story.

Finally, with some web hosting companies, they actually offer a built-in HTML editing feature, so you can edit right in your browser.  That's especially convenient for the beginner, as you get to skip right by those pesky "what software should I use to build my web page?" questions. message board (

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