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Title: 1&1 hosting
Post by: CassiesCorner on 01/10/06 at 01:13:27
I've been using 1&1 hosting for almost three years now (will be three this coming Nov.) and have had CPshop working on it, as a .pl instead of a .cgi though...
I just panicked myself (early, I know) that I will need to start paying for hosting "soon" (I signed up with 1&1 for three years for free, promotional thing). I looked around and if I could afford it I would probably switch to someone else but I can't, plus I already know how everything works at 1&1 and my stuff is already there, etc.
Anwho... the cheapest package they have is $2.99 a month (which has way more space and bandwidth then I have now) but I'm a little confused. Isn't .pl a perl extension?
That shows PHP but not perl, I looked around for the info about my current hosting to see if it supports perl and it supposedly only handles php4 or something.
I'm just trying to figure out if I can use this package with CPshop...

Sorry I rambled so much just to ask a simple Q.

By the way, Thanks MArty! Your 'the man'!


Title: Re: 1&1 hosting
Post by: Marty on 01/10/06 at 01:27:29
It looks to me like they support Perl with their $4.99 plan and up.

Title: Re: 1&1 hosting
Post by: TheBlackWidowNor on 02/18/07 at 11:03:12

I had one of those three years for free deals - I wasn't happy with their service and tech support.

Try  They have great prices - but you'll need a domain.  That addy won't go with you should you move.


Title: Re: 1&1 hosting
Post by: dwrunyon on 04/17/08 at 09:18:36
I just got cpshop successfully installed on the 1&1 Business package, though not yet successfully configured... just getting started!

I've had my sites on 1&1's servers for almost three years now and am really impressed with their system... it's state of the artness really shows through in every aspect... I definitely recommend them.

Also take note that their domains are the cheapest in the industry, and have FREE private registrations. I was told of them when a friend informed me that I was spending too much with GoDaddy for domains plus private regs (extra with them).

Anyway, sorry to sound like an ad, but I really am satisfied.

NOTE: On 1&1's servers you can run cgi in any directory, so there is no need to have cpshop in cgi-bin... upload it to wherever you'd like! message board (

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