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Title: Question about BlueHost/Other hosting plans
Post by: jjackson on 08/08/09 at 10:33:00

I am currently set up at Dreamhost and currently, due to a lot more traffic to a couple of my sites I upgraded to their VPS.  Well, as of late I am having a lot of issues with their service which never seem to be resolved (all most all with regards to loads and downtime that just do not compute) by upping the server resources.  So I am looking to move hosts as Dreamhost's support has been most unhelpful in resolving these issues.  Moving to the VPS was supposed to help my downtime not increase it 50 fold.  :o :o

That's the general background of my plight.  I run wordpress blogs some attached to CPShop installs and I want to move to a host that can handle a couple decently active sites with several thousand visits a day, a reasonable number of plugins (spam filters, comment markups, feed aggregations for member blogs, etc) the notorious googlebot and the occasional traffic spike from referring sites.

I am also looking for a host that will be able to handle the way I have CPShop installed which is in its own directory (ie. and not in the cgi-bin directory.

I know Bluehost is the Marty preferred host for CPShop and I would like to consider moving there IF the move would be seamless.  Any other suggestions would be appreciated as well. message board (

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