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Title: Bluehost Deactivated Account (Again)
Post by: dem22 on 11/02/11 at 15:06:29
hi Marty & everyone:

FYI Last week BlueHost deactivated my account because they claim CPShop was causing performance issues; i uploaded a robots.txt file to slow robot crawlers, sadly they deactivated account again this morning; just wanted to give a heads up to BlueHost users in case they face this problem also. Anyone else having this issue?; i've been hosting with them for a couple of years no problems until last week.

Title: Re: Bluehost Deactivated Account (Again)
Post by: dem22 on 11/17/11 at 00:01:48
BlueHost deactivated account again due to "reason: site causing performance problems" never had a problem until a few weeks ago. tried uploaded modified robots file per Marty's instructions, doesn't seem to be doing the trick; anyone else having problems with BlueHost lately? any tips or ideas? thanks!

Title: Re: Bluehost Deactivated Account (Again)
Post by: Marty on 11/17/11 at 00:05:13
If you go through your site access logs, you may be able to find a pattern.  

Whenever I've seen Bluehost do this in the past, it's almost always been because one search engine bot or another is crawling the site at a ridiculous rate.  crawl-delay usually fixes this, but there are some bots that ignore the crawl-delay directive (like TwengaBot) and still make hundreds of requests a second. message board (

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