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02/19/18 at 07:50:11
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Blocking java applet
« on: 10/25/02 at 11:12:31 »
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CafePress uses a "Fireclick" java applet in all their pages that is supposed to speed up your browsing by predicting what you're gonna click on next and forcing your computer to cache it in advance (I think).  Naturally, it also collects all sorts of stats on what you're doing.

Anyway, since it is java, it's real effect seems to be to slow everything down and make your computer less responsive.  It is very annoying.

Since cpshop grabs the pages from Cafe Press, processes them, and then sends them to the browser (right?), wouldn't it be possible to remove the code that loads the applet along the way?  (It is a clearly marked little javascript that actually uses document.write's to put in the part the makes it load the .jar file.)

I you could do this, or tell me how I might do it, I think that would be fantastic.  I hate the fact that when you load my store, the first thing it does is HANG for a moment while this stupid thing loads in and then continues to slow down the whole computer as long as the store is being viewed...

-- Andy
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Re: Blocking java applet
« Reply #1 on: 10/26/02 at 01:28:37 »
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Well, yes and no.

Right now cpshop actually incorporates the CafePress page in the dummy store through an iframe, which is a workaround for a number of identification issues.  However, I plan to rewrite that part of the system to minimize the use of that particular system.

If I can come up with a different workaround, I may be able to circumvent the system entirely, but at the very least I should be able to limit it to a single page.

Of course, we've seen this sort of thing come and go in the past -- perhaps it will disappear sometime in the near future.  I'll work on it for now, just in case.

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