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02/19/18 at 06:16:12
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using cpshop filters
« on: 02/06/03 at 13:07:22 »
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(blink blink blink... as I stare at code for several hours for a loss of what to do...)

I have successfully got the code up - I have customised the look of the page to match my site.

Now... I do not understand how to create the filter links. I have been searching the message boards and the set up instructions ... blink - blink - I have tried looking at others peoples versions ...blink - blink.

my goal is to have the filter links in the left hand nav (similar to : --and for the next step Id make a custom store home page like this too- but first things first)

please have a look at my progress so far and give me a leg up. or point me to where it is.

Please note that presently my left nav bar construction is <script src="dynNav_lib.js"></script> will this present an added issue for creating the fliters?

thank you sarah
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Re: using cpshop filters
« Reply #1 on: 02/06/03 at 16:33:11 »
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What you need to do is setup a store ID for each filtered category. For instance, if you wanted to create a filter to show all of your camisole designs on one page, create a new store id that is a list of all of your Cafepress store names plus the filter details:


You then give that filtered set a name and an alias. To link to it you would use something like:

I hope that gives you a hint.

Good luck.


btw - nice belly!
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Re: using cpshop filters
« Reply #2 on: 02/07/03 at 09:28:52 »
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oh ya baby! The light shines in!

thanks so much for the missing chain link! its so easy now!

fyi -  my progress:
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