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03/21/18 at 18:29:34
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Default Templates?
« on: 04/04/03 at 00:09:15 »
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I noticed that when you leave certain fields blank in the cpshop admin screen, it says it will use it's own default template...

Where are the default templates? Other than cptemplate.html, everything seems to be in the library of the script. What about the other templates that make up <[content]>?

Such as the default "Product Thumbnail page HTML Template" (cptemplate_store.html)? Are the templates available online somewhere? (In original template form, not post-script use, where all the variable tags are replaced with content.)

Also, is it possible to use <[variables]> on the admin screen in fields such as "Product Thumbnail Page Greeting" field? I couldn't get them to work from there.

Appreciate any help/info.

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Re: Default Templates?
« Reply #1 on: 04/05/03 at 11:43:56 »
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Okay, I just sent you some temporary code that should let you do that.

And for anyone else that wants to hack something like this in, here's what I said:

In cpshop.cgi, after this line:

$html =~ s/<\[content\]>/$content/;

Add this line:

$html =~ s/<\[(.*?)\]>/${$1}/g;

Then go ahead and use the <[storeid]> tag in the "product page greeting" box in your cpshop admin screen.  That new line of code should replace that tag with the correct store ID, which is, I believe, what you want to do.

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