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02/22/18 at 18:50:26
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Filters and Premium shops
« on: 02/23/04 at 20:43:27 »
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I have a premium shop.  I have top level sections and subsections like most.  How do I get the filters to go into the actual products in those subsections?

Right now if I use *, I get the top level sections.  If I list the top level sections for storeids to be used for *, I get the subsections.  

Do I have to actually list out all my subsections to be included in filters?  Or am I  missing something?

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Re: Filters and Premium shops
« Reply #1 on: 02/23/04 at 23:31:56 »
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Yes, you have to actually list out the sections.  cpshop only grabs what it sees -- it doesn't traverse the entire store section tree.  

If, for example, someone has 2,500 nested subsections within a particular section, it would be unrealistic for cpshop to download those 2,500 pages from CafePress just to display a single cpshop page.

(And, amusingly enough, that number's not entirely hyperbole; there is a premium shop that has well over 2,500 subsections.  Just check out storeid "ideogear." Yikes.)

We're in the middle of restructuring the entire CP site, which has made me wary of making significant changes to cpshop.  That said, I'm trying to build in a change that will allow things like applying filters across an entire store, including subsections.  But, as you might imagine, incorporating changes of that magnitude are time-consuming...and unfortunately I don't have a great deal of time to consume.

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