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03/20/18 at 21:34:07
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Wildcard Store IDs?
« on: 07/05/04 at 10:03:01 »
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In cpadmin, what is this for? -

"Wildcard Store IDs: This list of store IDs can be denoted in the store ID fields below with an asterisk *."

I don't understand how this field relates to the individual store IDs that you list right below it.
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Re: Wildcard Store IDs?
« Reply #1 on: 07/05/04 at 22:06:38 »
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Many people like to use filters to create a bunch of specialty sections in their store.

The idea is that you can enter a comma-delimited list of store IDs, and then apply filters to them to limit the products that get shown.

For example, if you have five basic shops, test_a, test_b, test_c, test_d and test_e.  You might want to create 3 specialty collections -- one for mugs, one for shirts, and one for mousepads:

1) test_a, test_b, test_c, test_d, test_e, cpfilter_name:mug
2) test_a, test_b, test_c, test_d, test_e, cpfilter_name:shirt
3) test_a, test_b, test_c, test_d, test_e, cpfilter_name:mousepad

However, if you find you keep having to enter the same list of store IDs, it then becomes easier to use the wildcard store ID field.  That allows you to maintain a special list of stores, and tell cpshop to use that list of store IDs wherever a * is entered.  So then you might do this:

Wildcard: test_a, test_b, test_c, test_d, test_e
1) *, cpfilter_name:mug
2) *, cpfilter_name:shirt
3) *, cpfilter_name:mousepad

Now, if you were to add a new store -- test_f -- you could just add it to the wildcard list, and you wouldn't have to update all the other special sections.

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