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02/19/18 at 06:09:09
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Setting CP in a root directory
« on: 09/22/04 at 13:04:20 »
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Hello Marty,

Currently I am running CP shop with file structure like so...
("xxxxxxxxx" being a fake domain name and "coolshirt" a fake shirt or store)

I have two "Can I" questions and if the answer is yes then "How?"  

1. Can i run it in the root directory so it would be...

If i can do number one...does that mean I am stuck with the stiff template structre for my home page.

2. Given my current directory structure how do i change it to
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Re: Setting CP in a root directory
« Reply #1 on: 09/22/04 at 20:06:33 »
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I could write a book with the potential answers to those questions, but I'll try to keep it short.  Here are 5 ways to do it, in decreasing order of complication (and decreasing order of effectiveness).

1. If you have mod_rewrite installed -- a topic that is far too expansive to explain here -- then you can use it to automatically rewrite the URLs on the server side.  (Essentially, your website receives a request for /shirt and converts it to /cgi-bin/store/shop.cgi/shirt internally.)

2. If you can a) run cgi-scripts without a file extension, and b) run cgi-scripts from any directory, then you can rename the file /cgi-bin/store/shop.cgi as /store or /coolshirt (with no .cgi on the end) and try to run it that way.  This usually only works on a few servers.

3. You can use the php solution to create a subfolder called /coolshirt, and put an index.php file in there that embeds cpshop.

4. Setup an HTML-based store homepage, and have it located at /coolshirt, but point to the rest of cpshop for everything else.

5. Place an empty page at /coolshirt, and place a javascript redirect in the page that bounces the visitor to /cgi-bin/store/cpshop.cgi/coolshirt.

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Re: Setting CP in a root directory
« Reply #2 on: 11/09/05 at 13:08:11 »
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This is an old thread but I thought I would add my solution for showing my shop in the root directory.

I am able to run PERL scrips in any directory on the server so in my instance I have my file right in the root of my domain. I wanted the home page to appear when you visited the root domain url.

All I did was access my domain host admin control panel and add into my default documents list.

As long as there isn't a conflicting document with a higher priority (i.e. default.htm, default.asp, default.php) in the directory you are accessing it will use as the default.

I am running my site on a Windows 2003 server - its in a reseller account so I have access to my own domain administration.

If you don't have access to your domain admin you can probably contact your host to do this for you.

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