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02/22/18 at 18:50:38
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includes and master templates
« on: 10/09/05 at 00:04:44 »
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Marty, meeee again

i'm wondering if there is a recommendation for a universal template of sorts. when i build php sites, i usually have a single header and footer i include every where, and then individual pages.. so any universal site changes are done more efficiently. is there a way i can do this when im using multiple cpshop.cgi files withinn a single site? i tried php files for the templates, but ovbiously that doesnt work so well haha.

im drawing a complete blank here... help?

ALSO>... if you go to the meet and greet, Marty, i will personally bring you brownies. (yes.. all the way from colorado, they travel well) id bring a winning lottery ticket, but i dont happen to have one on me.

thank you!

jen aka lilgoodies
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Re: includes and master templates
« Reply #1 on: 10/09/05 at 19:19:09 »
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Hey Jen

All my pages are php and they work just fine.  You have to call for them with the absolute URL like htt p:// in order for it to work.  That way, the server processes your php files first with your header and footer, like mine do, then when it's done, the cpshop script goes through the processed file and replaces the tags it needs.  

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Re: includes and master templates
« Reply #2 on: 11/09/05 at 20:46:43 »
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ok.. a month later from me... does anyone have any tutorials or examples they'd like to share to help me grash how im incorporating the two?

if its a php page.. do i simply include a filter cpshop url?  (e.g.

and viola? i guess i could try that before i ask.. but if i try and find it didnt work.. what was i supposed to do? lol thanks
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