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03/19/18 at 23:58:39
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   2nd Request - Can't Install
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2nd Request - Can't Install
« on: 06/26/08 at 02:58:37 »
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I searched the boards back to '04 & found a bunch of people with the same problem (but none received a public answer), so I asked for help. A month later I'm still stuck & frustrated so I'm hoping for better results this time.

I think our install problems are due to the Host's default configuration. Specifically, scripts can run from any directory; but one domain is set up as the "Master Account", & all other domains appear under it, This is not our doing.

Typical Host Configuration:
- domain1 directories
- domain2 directories etc

Domains 1 and 2 are separate and equal.

Our Host Configuration:
Domain1 (Master Account)
- domain1 directory
- domain2 <- same level as domain1 directories
- - domain2 directories
- domain3 etc

I understood that you can administer multiple stores/domains from within one cpadmin. Is that not the case?

When you install the scripts/copies as directed,  then cpshop1 & cpshop2 both physically appear on domain1.

Isn't there a simple way to say "read the scripts from here on domain1 (where I have no choice but to install you if I want a single cpadmin) & execute cpshop2 on domain2"?

Changing cpdmin>Options (domain & absolute paths) for domain2 doesn't work. It  still appears on domain1.

Are all you guys with the same problem installing each instance separately on each domain? ie not using a single cpadmin?

Is that more clear? Can somebody help now? Or is no help forthcoming because I've missed something staring me in the face?

Thanks bunches for your assistance. I really appreciate it.
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Re: 2nd Request - Can't Install
« Reply #1 on: 06/26/08 at 09:00:14 »
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On server configurations of that sort, most people just install cpshop multiple times.  (It's all covered under the same license, so it doesn't cost you anymore, unless you're paying for installation.)

If you really think it's a problem, you could technically develop a wrapper application that runs cpshop out of a different directory, but that sounds like overkill to me.

On the other hand, if it's really imperative that there be only one instance of cpadmin, then I could add semi-support for it.  But in order to access the functionality, you'd still have to personally write some code in cpshop.cgi, and most people just don't want to do that.

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Re: 2nd Request - Can't Install
« Reply #2 on: 07/06/08 at 19:16:01 »
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Thanks bunches Marty.

Huge relief to know it wasn't my Alzheimer meds

I read  that some are running up to 50 script copies for a single shop. I don't understand that yet; but if that's the case, then having a single cpadmin would seem like a nightmare with more than one domain. That's what, say 200 instances for 4 domains in one dropdown? Ack.

So all things considered, I've opted for separate admins. Thus far it appears that everything's working except what's not  . I'll get there!

Thanks again, really appreciate it.
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