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02/19/18 at 11:42:16
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help upgrading
« on: 09/29/08 at 13:00:36 »
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Please help.
I have several shops to upgrade and having much trouble.

I downloaded Unix Upgrade Only Zip.
3 of the 6 Files that I am replacing (cpdata.lib,cppage.lib,and cplogin.lib)  are in lower case in my root folder while the new version is all in upper case . I chose to make them lower case so they would over-ride the old files. I hope this is correct thing to do ??
Now I used my back-up files and had to set everything back how it was before I tried the upgrade because while my shop section thumbnails stayed as they were, they would not drill down to the content product pages.

Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong?  Do you have to go in to the admin and reset every shop ID section when you upgrade

Should I keep my older cpdata.lib file in place and not override it, I tried that and it helped me get my section thumbs back but no product pages

Current shop I am messing with is on the older version now and is working, but I would like to upgrade:[b][/b]
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Re: help upgrading
« Reply #1 on: 09/30/08 at 08:06:05 »
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You should definitely be overriding the files.  I have no idea why your unzip software interpreted every file as upper case.

You had everything right; you may simply need to clear your cpshop cache after upgrading.

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