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02/24/18 at 05:49:01
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   Cacheing Thumbnails...?
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Bradley W. Schenck
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Cacheing Thumbnails...?
« on: 11/07/05 at 10:15:34 »
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I've recently done something sort of extreme in my own shops to get around what seem to be increasing problems in grabbing thumbnail, store & section images from the Cafepress servers.  I've grabbed all my store images and I store them on my own server - which also gives me a chance to tweak them in a couple of ways - and I'm using the images file to remap the thumbnail addresses to my domain.

This is working great, though it's kind of a pain to do the first time.

My newest shop, though, is an affiliate shop that displays merchandise from a whole bunch of other people and it's pretty obvious that I can't do the same trick there; I could never keep up with any additions or changes those shopkeepers make.

So I've been looking for some sort of script that could become an automated process that would grab all the thumbs from a list of addresses on the CP servers and copy them to a single directory, more or less as I've been doing by hand.  If this ran once a day I could be sure that it was always pretty much up to date; and if it ever failed to grab thumbs, the earlier versions ought to still be there.

I have found this: which does almost the right things.  It will grab files, with filters, from directories that you specify in a list.  As far as I can tell its one drawback is that it creates a directory structure based on what pages the images came from, which would make it useless for my plan, in which the images would need to go into a single directory.

Does anyone know of a better way to do this?  Or see a way in which this Perl program could be altered to get the job done?  I loooked at it, but like Dirty Harry said, "A man's got to know his limitations."

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