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02/19/18 at 14:14:33
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Submit html code?
« on: 09/27/06 at 15:46:56 »
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Hey I have the code for text boxes and such but am have trouble with the submit button. I have it so it appears but have no clue how to get it to save the data imput in the tables I created. I didnt know if there is code for it to send that data to an email acount without doing the mailto: because that is annoying when it pops of with outlook. Just wondering if there are html code geniuses out there that could help out.

Regards Steve
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Re: Submit html code?
« Reply #1 on: 09/27/06 at 16:05:44 »
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You can't do it with HTML.  You'd need to use a script of some kind.

There are services out there that will let you do mail form posts, and will give you the HTML you need to do them.  Just Google for it.

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