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02/19/18 at 14:11:43
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   Volume Bonus Changes and CPSHOP
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Volume Bonus Changes and CPSHOP
« on: 07/23/08 at 10:31:50 »
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I just got an E-Mail from CafePress eliminating the Volume Bonus for marketplace sales.  I think it sucks, but its not the point of this post.  My concern is CPSHOP and if CPSHOP sales accurately and consistently report as "shop" in the Sales Reports.

There have been many posts in the past where people talk about how CPSHOP sales can quite often show up as "Market Place" sales in our reports.  If that is the case, those of us spending lots of time and money marketing our CPSHOPS will be at a disadvantage as we won't get bonus off of those sales.

That of course is in contradiction to CafePress' very logic for the change... basically saying that going forward if they do the marketing they aren't paying the bonus, but if we generate the traffic through other means, we deserve a bonus.  

Marty, I'm curious as to your take on this.  Can you tell us anything about your work with CP and CPSHOP that will make sure our sales are accurately reflected in the Sales Reports going forward?  In the past it didn't matter as all non-affiliate sales worked towards our bonus threshold... but on August 1st that will no longer be the case.

Thanks for any insight or reassurances you can provide.
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Re: Volume Bonus Changes and CPSHOP
« Reply #1 on: 07/23/08 at 10:34:37 »
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The new sale source system for add-to-carts is pretty simple, which means it's really difficult for bugs to creep in.  

(The old system was ridiculously complicated, and, thus, really buggy.)

cpshop is going to show up as Shop, every time, as of the newly released Sale Source definition.  As will any add-to-cart that takes place outside of the CafePress domain.

And yes, I have tested it myself, and validated it, over a period of several weeks.  It's working perfectly.

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