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Sales Plummeting: Economy or Redesign?





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03/19/18 at 20:30:33
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   Sales Plummeting: Economy or Redesign?
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Sales Plummeting: Economy or Redesign?
« on: 11/11/08 at 22:41:19 »
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okay last Nov 5-20 sales per day, this Nov 1 sale a day except today 3, all magnets, i'm rich.

i know the economy is part of it, record debt, low credit card use, and the list goes on, but i also think part of it is the IMO horrible new site design cafepress launched last week.

i have already vented on their forums with of course no response so now i'm going to do it here: the logo is HORRIBLE, looks messy, looks grungy and thus dated, looks even worse small in the shopping cart window. someone pointed out, quite aptly, this meesy look does not suggest a reliable, professional printing company, plus the capital invested in the long term branding of the former logo right before the holidays just adds another barier for return shoppers because ...

when you land on the home page it now looks like a blog, the products are buried, i really think the stores that now show products in a seemingly random fashion also just makes it more difficult for users to find what they want.

the horizontal scrolling is also a negative IMO, in addition to a clumsier control panel, weird time lapses trying to upload images and problems changing global prices currently, together makes me so frustrated.

hate be so negative, but part of me is feeling i've been loyal to the wrong POD right now, i don't understand how cafepress's team would think this is the right time to beta test such drastic changes, in addition to multiple people okaying the new design, color schema, and especially the logo.

hopefully getting this out will help me deal with it, probably not though lol

i can only hope some people will still shop this season,


since there are unlikely to change back
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