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03/17/18 at 20:18:22
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Cafepress & CP Shop
« on: 04/09/03 at 00:27:25 »
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Hi Marty

You mentioned that you work at Cafepress.

So I'm just wondering if they have any objections to your providing this customisation service since they're so anal about Basic Stores self customising.
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Re: Cafepress & CP Shop
« Reply #1 on: 04/09/03 at 01:13:26 »
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No, they don't have any objections to it.  I'd been selling cpshop for 9 months before I started working at CafePress, and it's still going strong.

The reason why they've started limiting customization of Basic Shops is because it makes it really difficult for us to make changes to them.  We'd like to improve them ('cause right now they kinda suck), but we constantly have to worry about screwing up people's HTML, javascript and CSS hacks.

I think our thinking is that if you really, really want to customize the look of your shop, you can get a Premium Shop.  Otherwise, it's our job to make the Basic Shops as profitable as possible, and it's difficult to do that when we can't make any significant changes.

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