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How to generate a sitemap using cpshop





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02/20/18 at 06:03:12
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   How to generate a sitemap using cpshop
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How to generate a sitemap using cpshop
« on: 07/20/08 at 09:56:45 »
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WARNING: I've extracted the following from a working installation, but haven't tested the "tutorial" below.

First create a new instance of cpshop, that is, copy all the cpshop.* files to something like sitemap.*

Now open sitemap.cgi and replace the if ($hacked) code with the following:

$hacked = 1;

if ($hacked) {

           # set the <[linksrc]> URL to point to our actual store
           # replace cpshop.cgi with the filename of your actual store cgi
     $content =~ s/sitemaps.cgi\?i=/cpshop.cgi\//gi;
   $html =~ s/<\[content\]>/$content/;
   unless (@ARGV) {
       print "Content-Type: text/html\n\n";
   print $html;


} else {

Next open up cpadmin.cgi and select sitemap.cgi from the pulldown.

Set Default HTML template (and all other templates) to


This is what the template should look like:


Set the Thumbnail Grid Layouts for sections and products to:

<[linksrc]><br />

Next, for Display Thumbnail Grid Table Wrapper Code? Click "NO" and make sure the before and after fields are blank.

Finally, in the storeid section create one or more storeids that will generate lists of products and sections. eg:


And give each an alias.

NOTE: If you've got a big store, trying to generate a sitemap with a single alias might cause cpshop to fail -- it wasn't intended to display the contents of an entire store on a single page.  What you'll need to do is create aliases for sub-sections of your store and then put them together manually (though a clever shopowner could automate the process...).

After you've created the template just open your new sitemap shop in your browser using the URL.


Now just copy the page text and save it to a file. Repeat this for each alias, concatenating each onto the last and you've got your sitemap.

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