Absolute Dragons. Absolute Dragons. <font face="impact,arial,helvetica,verdana" size=4><b>WHO WE ARE.</b></font>
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The Absolute Dragons, a dynamic group of crazy rambunctious young unprofessionals have contaminated the California Bay Area with their intoxicating charm, exceptional good looks and unique sense of timing and style. Ever growing, ever improving and ever partying - Absolute gets the job done both straight up or on the rocks.

Known to scare off competition with their war paint, guttural battle cries and fearless whooping, this dragonboat family is a force to be reckoned with. Nobody powers up from the thrill of competition quite like this spirited group of X-treme athletes or cools off with more style. So lift a paddle as they walk by, or perhaps a drink or two instead, as they will always embrace the opportunity for fierce paddling and new friends.

Loud, rambunctious and spirited, the team's ultimate goal is to have a good time. Year after year, Absolute proves to itself and others that competing competitively and having a great time goes hand in hand.

For more information on Absolute - as potential sponsors or new paddlers - please email us at info AT absolutedragons dotcom.