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introducing cpshop 1.3

Phew. This is a pretty neat update. Version 1.3 (a new decimal place, yay!) includes a truckload of new features.

The biggest thing to note is the addition of the cplogin.lib file. This file will eliminate the need to continually reset the cpadmin.cgi password variable with each update.

changes in cpshop 1.3
(see below for a more involved explanation of these changes)

  • added product thumbnail sorting
  • added filters: name, cost, newest and sort override
  • shortened URLs with storecrc variable
  • added currency converter link option
  • modularized cpadmin.cgi and added cplogin.lib file
  • fixed CafePress modifications
about the changes

product thumbnail sorting

You can now change the way in which products are sorted in your stores. Sort by product name, cost (ascending or descending), original date added (ascending or descending), storeid (for multiple-store-id stores), or leave it as the CafePress default. Set this in the "product thumbnail page options" section of the admin screen.
filters: name, cost, newest and sort override
The most powerful (and the most complicated) addition to cpshop is filters. Filters allow you to limit the products displayed in a store based on certain criteria, and are inserted as if they were store IDs.

Filters are so important, they have their own page. Find a full explanation with examples on the using cpshop filters page.

shortened URLs with storecrc variable
cpshop now uses CRC-based codes for store IDs. All this really means for you is that this: default/1001_170004,1001_043007,1001_170000, 1001_046002,1001_020901,1001_018011, 1001_155001,1001_155009,cpfilter_cost:~14.99, cpfilter_sort:productcostup
is now down to this: default/3636303326
Now isn't that much nicer? (And yes, the old links will still work.)
currency converter link option
I wanted to include a full-featured currency converter, but it occurred to me that 1) it would be a pain in the butt; 2) it would be another file to update; and 3) I would have to steal content.

Instead, I opted to avoid all three of those problems, and implemented's free currency converter link as a pop-up window. It comes with a banner ad, but that's what happens when using a free service. (And if you don't like it, you can hide it on the admin screen.) You can see an example here.

You can also add a conversion link in with each thumbnail by using the <[costconvert]> tag in the "Product Thumbnail Grid Layout" section of the admin screen. (Example)

modularized cpadmin.cgi and added cplogin.lib file
cpadmin.cgi has been separated into two scripts: cpadmin.cgi and the new cplogin.lib. After this installation, you'll find that you no longer will need to upgrade cpadmin.cgi; instead you'll simply upload the .lib files. This will eliminate the need to re-edit the admin password for every update.

the last word

And that's about it. Once again, let me know if you have any problems with this, either via or posting on the message board.

Regards, Marty